Friday, October 29, 2010

City of Little Rock Announces Sustainable Purchasing Policy

A few minutes ago at the Little Rock Sustainability Summit, the City of Little Rock announced adoption of a new “Sustainable Purchasing Policy.” In simple terms, the City has announced a commitment to promoting and encouraging sustainable purchasing practices throughout its departments and operations.

An excerpt from the Policy statement:

It will be the policy of the City of Little Rock and its various departments to implement purchasing practices that minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse and vibrant community and economy. This policy of the City will be to identify sustainability factors that can be incorporated into everyday purchasing practices, empower employees to be innovative in their purchasing practices, complement city-wide sustainability efforts and demonstrate the City’s commitment to sustainable procurement.

Whenever possible, city employees will purchase products and services that integrate fiscal responsibility, social equity and community and environmental stewardship.

City employees will consider the following factors in all purchasing practices to reduce the overall impact of the product or service on the organization and community: pollutant releases, toxicity, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, depletion of natural resources, human health impacts, use of local businesses, use of certified minority or women-owned businesses, product performance and quality, life-cycle cost assessment, impact on staff time and labor and long-term financial changes.

This Policy is the product of collaboration between the City and the Sustainability Commission. It is a concrete example of investment and commitment to sustainability in Little Rock, and should serve as notice of the tremendous opportunity in Little Rock, and in Arkansas, for folks in the business of sustainability and for investment in those business and practices.

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